National Mirror Server is the HEAnet National Mirror Server, providing 24 hour access to mirrored content to the HEAnet community and beyond. We mirror a wide range of open-source software, libraries, technical documentation and internet standards. If there is anything you would like us to mirror, including software developed within the HEAnet community, please mail with your request.

Specifications is currently running on a cluster of four Dell PowerEdge R905s with two PowerEdge R300s acting as front-end loadbalancers. A PowerEdge 2650 also acts as an rsync and content mirroring client.

Each node is a quad-processor, quad-core AMD Opteron @ 2Ghz, with 64GB of RAM. Each has dual 73GB 15,000 RPM scsi mirrored system disks. Connectivity is provided via gigabit ethernet currently, but this will be upgraded to 10Gig ethernet shortly.
Load Balancers:
(esteban|zia) are 2.6Ghz Intel Xeons with 12GB of RAM. Load balancing, failover and node monitoring are provided by IPVS (in Direct Routing mode) and Keepalived. is a 2Ghz Xeon, with 4Gb of RAM. It has dual 18Gb 10,000 RPM scsi disks. Canyonero currently has a a bonded Gigabit ethernet uplink.
Over 49 terabytes of space is provided by a 6 node Isilon IQ storage system.
Each node in the cluster is connected via gigabit ethernet links to a pair of switches that have multiple gigabits of capacity available to the HEAnet National backbone (see and beyond. supports jumboframes with packet sizes up to 9000 bytes working. It is located in our Blanchardstown point of presence.


We currently offer a range of methods to access At present we support http, ftp and rsync. All 3 methods are available in IPv4 and IPv6. should resolve to the correct IP version for you, but you can force selection by using or